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Cash Gifting
Cash gifting is the simplest and easiest way of supporting Children’s Cancer Connection.  A large majority of CCC’s supporters give by using a credit card (in-person, via phone, or online) or by writing a check.  Cash gifts are generally deductible if you itemize at tax time.


Non-Cash Gifting
Pledges can be both a convenient and tax-friendly way to give.  A pledge allows a supporter to make a more significant impact over time, when he/she might not be able to give at that level all at once.  CCC happily works with donors on pledges up to five years total (pledges can be renewable at the end of that time period).

In-Kind Gifts
Gifts-in-kind involve donating tangible items such as snack packs, blankets, furniture, technological equipment, or art supplies.  In-kind gifts help CCC save dollars on purchasing such items, so that the organization can, in turn, directly apply that funding to programs for the families we serve.

To view our wish list items, please click here, please contact the development team at

Securities and Real Estate
Please contact the development team to discuss gifting securities such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, as well as to discuss gifts of real estate.


Planned Giving
The most popular and simplest ways to leave your legacy at Children’s Cancer Connection are bequests in your will and naming CCC in your living trust.  Supporters can name CCC for a certain percentage, dollar amount, or as a residual or contingent beneficiary.  Documenting this with a development team member at Children’s Cancer connection will ensure that your assets will be used to support CCC and its families in the exact ways that you intended.

Please contact the development team for sample bequest language to use in your will.

Retirement Plan Assets
Retirement accounts are often subjected to particular taxes, which can be reduced or avoided altogether through deferred giving.  Supporters can provide a meaningful gift to Children’s Cancer Connection by naming CCC as a beneficiary of their retirement accounts, and doing such can produce significant tax savings for them and their heirs.

Charitable Remainder Trusts and Gift Annuities
Please speak with your financial advisor about making an impact on Children’s Cancer Connection and the families CCC serves through a charitable remainder trust or gift annuity.



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