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Campership Challenge is an easy, fun way to support the many camp programs put on by Children’s Cancer Connection. Camp programs include a weeklong Oncology Camp, a weeklong Sibling Camp, Day Camps in Central and Eastern Iowa, and weekend-long Family Camps. Whether you’re a camper or staff member, a former camper or staff member, a parent, grandparent, or family friend, all can join in raising funds to support these amazing programs!



While all of Children’s Cancer Connection’s camp programs are offered at little-to-no-cost to each one of our families, that doesn’t mean they’re free to put on. Campership Challenge was created as a way for those to join in our efforts to help support these one-of-a-kind camps that mean so much to hundreds of families across the state affected by childhood cancer. Anyone can participate in raising funds, and each participant will receive some fun incentives as a way to say thank you!



We’ll help you set up your personal Campership Challenge fundraising page. You can personalize this page to tell your own story of why supporting Children’s Cancer Connection and camp programs is important to you. Your page will have a goal you’ll set, and you’ll earn badges for different milestones. You’ll share this page with friends and family to help you raise funds for camp. The more money you raise and badges you get, the more you support camp programs that help families affected by childhood cancer. Plus, you’ll also receive some cool incentives!


Need some help getting started? Download our Campership Challenge Toolkit. It’s full of tips and tricks to make your fundraising a success!


Fundraisers who are currently enrolled in camp or are camp staff for Oncology of Sibling Camp for 2021 will earn the Staff/Camper Incentives. Any other fundraisers (parents, grandparents, family members, supporters of CCC) will earn the Other Participant Incentives.

The deadline to guarantee prizes is May 20th, 2022, but Campership Challenge will officially end on August 31st.


Participant Incentives:

Highest Fundraiser gets a Pizza Party for their Cabin or a Cabin of their choice (One Winner for Oncology Camp and One Winner for Sibling Camp).

  • $5,000- Your name on a cabin sign at one of the weeks of camp
  • $3,000- Pie a Director's Team Member
  • $1,500- Facebook Shout Out from the Camp Director
  • $750- CCC Lunch Cooler
  • $300- Campership Challenge Shirt
  • $150- Camp Heart Connection Computer Sticker
  • $50- Traditional CCC Sunglasses

*If an incentive is unavailable, you may be provided with a comparable item.



  1. Follow THIS LINK to set up your personal fundraising page.
  2. Download our Starter Pack to help you get started. (Starter Pack will be available soon!)
  3. Share your page on social media or through email with all your friends and family.  Have them join you in supporting Children’s Cancer Connection’s camp programs!
  4. The more you raise, the more support you are providing for camp programs and fun incentives you’ll receive.