Family Activities and Events

Family Activities & Events

Hansen Home for Hope

Children’s Cancer Connection understands and values the importance of routine and a sense of normalcy. We can help make the Hansen Home for Hope your home away from home by offering amenities and activities free of charge to families on their journey with childhood cancer, including:

Socialization and fun

  • Holiday gatherings — Your family can attend fun and festive get-togethers at the Hanson Home for Hope with other families.
  • Parent-and-me groups — Activities for toddlers and preschoolers with specialized instructions and support create bonding experiences for families.
  • Lock-ins — Teens can relax and connect during overnight stays supervised by staff and trained volunteers.
  • Movie nights — Movies on a big screen with friends and families come complete with movie treats.
  • Play — Developmentally appropriate activities for all ages help kids with social skills, building confidence and coping with stress.

Opportunities for learning

  • Medical play — If your child is feeling anxious about medical procedures or a sibling wants more information about what happens at the clinic or hospital, we can support you. Guided by a Child Life Specialist, kids get the chance to play through anxieties and misconceptions.
  • Academic support — Your child may be missing school more frequently and siblings might be falling behind due to changing schedules and routines. We can provide a volunteer tutor or a quiet place to do homework and projects.
  • Legacy building — Children’s Cancer Connection can help you and your family express your hopes, fears and dreams — and create memories that tell your unique story.

Well being

  • Support groups — Wherever you may be in your journey, a support group at the Hansen Home for Hope can give you and your family an opportunity to feel connected with others. If individualized or one-on-one support is what you or your child needs, Children’s Cancer Connection staff can help pair families and individuals together.
  • Creative arts — We’ll invite community members to use their talents to help foster and enhance your child’s love for drama, music and art.
  • Drop-off nights — Children are welcome to visit for a few hours on scheduled weekend evenings so parents can get some much needed “kid-free” time.
  • Chemo craving kits — The Hansen Home for Hope has fully functioning kitchens to prepare what your child is craving. You can make it yourself of have us make it for you; we’ll even deliver it to you on those long clinic days or inpatient stays.
  • Pampering activities — Children’s Cancer Connection staff can arrange for local salons to come in and give massages, haircuts and mani/pedis at the Hansen Home for Hope.
  • Stress-relief exercise and activities — Community members are invited to provide yoga, Pilates, kick-boxing and meditation tips and techniques.
  • Hair loss anxieties/insecurities — Trained cosmetology professionals can provide haircuts or styling ideas for children losing their hair, children without hair and children with hair that’s growing back.