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Children’s Cancer Connection provides Incidental Medical Malpractice Coverage for volunteer medical professionals (paramedic, emergency medical technician, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse or nursing assistant) that participate in any/all of Children’s Cancer Connection programs and events.

This coverage is designed to cover “bodily injury” arising out of the rendering or failure to render any of the following will be deemed to be caused by an “occurrence”:

  • incidental medical malpractice services
  • first aid; or
  • Good Samaritan services.

“Good Samaritan services” means medical services rendered at the scene of an emergency for which no remuneration is demanded or received.

“Incidental medical malpractice services” means:

  • Medical, surgical, dental, laboratory, x-ray, nursing or similar human health service, treatment, advice or instruction, or the related furnishing of food or beverages; or
  • The furnishing or dispensing of drugs or medical, dental, or surgical supplies or appliances.

Please see the attached endorsement for more information.

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