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Camp Heart Connection's Mission
Camp Heart Connection’s mission is to provide campers affected by childhood cancer and
their families a secure environment to connect, grow, and create lifelong memories.


Camp Heart Connection's Leaders In Training (LIT) Program is designed to educate selected campers on how to become a Camp Heart Connection counselor upon graduation. The LIT Program is an intensive and a combined highly engaged two week session. One session is held virtually prior to Camp while the other week is held in-person at Camp Heart Connection at the Des Moines Y Camp in Boone, IA. While you will without question bond with other Leaders In Training in your session, the primary objective is for you to give back to the campers. Instead of just participating, you will be facilitating games, activities, debriefs, and more. We want the LITs to learn how to initiate meaningful relationships with campers. The program will build on characteristics needed to do this such as belonging, empowering, security, and trust.

Campers from Oncology and Sibling Camp are eligible for this program. An application and interview process will be held to select up to 7 female and 7 male campers from each camp session to be part of Camp Heart Connection's LIT Program. Oncology and Sibling LITs will have a combined 1 week virtual educational session held prior to the start of Camp. Oncology campers who are selected to be LITs will spend a week at Sibling Camp, while Sibling campers who are selected will spend a week at Oncology Camp.

Campers are eligible to become an LIT if they will be entering their junior or senior year of high school the fall following Camp. Upon graduating high school, campers will only be able to attend Camp as a camper for their final year, not as an LIT.


To apply download the "Camp Heart Connection Leaders In Training (LIT) Application" below. Please return this completed form by April 2nd to: Teens@Children'





Call 515-243-6239