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The entire family. The entire journey.

No parent is prepared to learn their child has cancer. That’s why Children’s Cancer Connection is here to help you navigate the road ahead. While many great organizations are working to find a cure for the disease afflicting more than 13,500 children each year in the United States, Children’s Cancer Connection strives to provide support following a cancer diagnosis. We provide opportunities to encourage relationships and strengthen the community to over 700 families. Whatever twists and turns you encounter as you adjust to your new normal, you can always count on one thing: Children’s Cancer Connection is dedicated to supporting you the entire way.

Camp Heart Connection Summer Camp Session 1

Saturday, June 12, 20211:00 pmTuesday, June 15, 202110:00 am

Join Camp Heart Connection at these summer sessions as 25 cabins of families will have the opportunity to experience traditional Oncology and Sibling Camp activities, including Tie Dying, Aunt Fifi & Mortimer’s Party, Hair Cutting, Aunt Fifi Night, LIT Planned Activities, Wish Night, and so much more! Each family-inclusive Camp experience will include breakout activities solely for oncology campers, sibling campers, and parents to connect on their own! Each family will be provided its own cabin quarters for the session, unless specifically requested during the registration process, eliminating a large concern for transmission of viral spread.

Parents, if you’re not able to take time off to get away during any of these sessions, don’t worry! You can send alternate family members or guardians (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) in your place. Families that wish to share a cabin with another family may do so by mutual consent and upon request during the registration process. Although Camp will still look a little different this year, Children’s Cancer Connection can’t wait to have you all at camp this summer!

Please note that all previous 2021 camp registrations are no longer applicable and all registration will need to be restarted at the link below. Each family may choose to attend one of the four summer camp sessions. Registration closes June 4th, 2021.

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