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Meet the CCC Board of Directors

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Today on the blog, we’re sharing information about our board of directors and what they do for Children’s Cancer Connection. Learn more about the board’s role at CCC, their various committees, and the members that serve on it.







What CCC’s Board of Directors Does 

Our board of directors oversees our mission and vision and helps to govern Children’s Cancer Connection by:

  • Implementing policies and objectives (both for the board and review those for the organization)
  • Selecting and reviewing the CEO
  • Approving the hiring of key staff, outsourced services, and organizational consultants

Board members provide support and advice for the leadership team through:

  • Ensuring effective organizational planning and resources
  • Overseeing the financial and investment practices for the organization
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the organization’s programs and services


How Someone Joins the Board 

Each board member is selected through a traditional interview process and serves a term of three years, with the potential to renew their membership. 

We strive to have representation from multiple backgrounds on the board, such as medical, financial, and human resources.


Board Member Expectations 

The board meets at least six times per year and all members serve on a committee (Development, Finance, or Governance). Members volunteer their time for these meetings, and oftentimes at fundraisers, events, and programs. 

In addition to helping the organization run effectively, board members are also expected to:

  • Help in recruitment for new board members
  • Share the organization with others
  • Contribute to CCC and its events


CCC’s 2021 Board of Directors


  • Julie Anderson-Suddarth, MD, Chair, Blank Children’s Hospital, UnityPoint Health, Member Since 2019
  • Keith Muhlbauer, Vice Chair, NCMIC Group, Member Since 2019
  • Mike Currie, Secretary, Grefe & Sidney, P.C., Member Since 2018
  • Stacy Marean, Treasurer, Sammons Financial Group, Member Since 2018


  • John Cornish, Key Mortgage Group, Member Since 2021
  • Michelle Fischbach, Nationwide Insurance, Member Since 2018
  • Crystal Hensing, Principal Financial Group, Member Since 2018
  • Nicole Herman, EMC Insurance, Member Since 2018
  • Jennifer Hines, CEO, Children’s Cancer Connection, Non-Voting Member Since 2019
  • Patti Meyer, GuideOne Insurance, Member Since 2021
  • Lane Moser, MD, MPH, Iowa Methodist, UnityPoint Health, Member Since 2021
  • Genevieve Pietruzynski, Ankeny High School, Youth Board Member Since 2021
  • Mitchell Schmitt, Honkamp Krueger & Co., Member Since 2021
  • Shannon Schwery, Athene USA, Member Since 2021
  • Josh Stephenson, Midwest Heritage Bank, Member Since 2017
  • Jennifer White, Sammons Financial Group, Member Since 2021
  • Mike Whitmer, NCMIC Group, Member Since 2017

Over the next few months, we'll introduce you to each board member individually so you can learn more about their area of expertise and how they help Children's Cancer Connection on a daily basis.