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Take a look through the CCC blog for news, announcements, events, family programs, and volunteer opportunities!

Meet Genevieve Pietruszynski, pediatric cancer survivor and Camp Heart Connection volunteer.

"I’ve been coming to camp for a long time! I was diagnosed with cancer at a young age, so I’ve been coming to oncology camp as soon as I was old enough and have loved it ever since...

Meet Amara Shade, sister of a pediatric cancer survivor and CCC family member.

“A kid having cancer doesn’t only change them, but those around them. My youngest brother Marquez was diagnosed with cancer when I was ending my last year of elementary school. As a kid who hadn’t known much about cancer all I knew was I was fear-ridden...

Meet Jessie Todd, mom of a pediatric cancer survivor and CCC family member.

"Our oldest son Lincoln was born perfect and healthy and we felt complete and also kind of like pros - like we knew what we were doing. Then he got this little rash. The rash got worse despite our best efforts to comfort him...

Meet Matt Dutton, pediatric cancer survivor and Camp Heart Connection volunteer.

"I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma when I was three years old, and had about six months of treatment. As soon as I was old enough to attend camp when I was five, I was hooked...

In an effort to increase awareness and raise funds for families affected by pediatric cancer, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM) is internationally recognized in September.

Go gold with us! Show your support in honor and in memory of the many cancer warrior kids.

Here are some easy ways you can Go Gold...

Sammons Financial Group presented a check for $12,000 to Children’s Cancer Connection after the organization was selected through their Community Outreach Program, in which teams of Sammons Financial Group employees each choose an organization to receive a portion of the company’s annual charitable budget.

Meet the Codd Family

A special bond between special people.

We asked the kids at our programs about the allusive animal that is LOVE.

  • ProFarms Tractor Pull
    ProFarms Tractor Pull
  • Team Lexi
    Team Lexi