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Find out how Children’s Cancer Connection has supported children with cancer and their families.



"My daughter Elayna loves the Bravery Bucks program! Such a positive way to help our children overcome their fears by rewarding them for doing so.  It pushes her to be proud of her ability to get through some really tough situations by showing her that others know what she is doing is hard." - Lucy (Elayna's Mom) 



"On December 13th 2011, the day after I was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, I had my first oncology appointment.  I saw many kids with beads, one little boy had a strand longer than the length of the waiting room.  It amazed me.  How could a little boy have beads strung up to be four times his height? How could he have gone through so much already?  I never though my strand would be that long, but it is.

Each bead represents a different part of my cancer treatment.  I have all sorts of beads: physical therapy, chemotherapy, hospital admissions, ER visits, blood draws, shots, hair loss, x-rays, CT scans, the list goes on and on. The worst bead I put on was the cancer ribbon to represent my diagnosis.  Cancer really sucks.  But the best bead I put on was the heart at the end of treatment, to signify that I had accomplished something I didn't think I was capable of. 

I haven't been able to put on the remission bead yet, but I am more than excited for when that day comes (416 more days).  Today I have a collection of Children's Cancer Connection event beads, and it makes the diagnosis bead seem better...because without my diagnosis I would not have met the most influential people in my life.  Many people just put their beads on the string but my mom and I put them on in the order of which they happened.  It took a lot of time, but it gave us both something to do.  I could easily go through each bead and explain their meanings, equivalent to telling the story of my battle with cancer and its lasting scars.  

Beads4Bravery visualizes my progress and serves as a reminder to keep going, since I have already survived so much.  I currently have well over 700 beads and will add many more in the future.  Children's Cancer Connection has changed my life, and I'm forever grateful for the programs like Beads4Bravery." -Micheala (CHC Camper)


" At camp, children are challenged to not look at cancer and it's effects as a barrier, but to find opportunities to overcome the hurdles life places in the way.  Camp is a place where everyone knows what it's like to go through something hard and come back stronger.  A place where you can put every worry behind you and feel 'normal' if only just for a week.  A place you feel accepted.  A place where cancer does not alienate you, but rather brings you together.  It's a place for laughs, bear hugs, pony bead bracelets, and endless memories."  - Danica (CHC Camper) 



"My daughter loves Bravery Bucks, it's great motivation for her to get through the scary blood draw. We were also recently hospitalized for a non-cancer related issue and able to borrow Bravery Bucks to initiate some tough physical therapy.  The bucks worked exactly as they should.  They motivated her to start therapy and say ' I don't need to earn bucks for this anymore, I've got this,'  when she was ready."  - Becky 



"The Beads4Bravery have been such a wonderful reminder of the incredible journey we have been through, and mean so much to us." - Tiffany (Carter's Mom)



"The thing we have learned most during our daughter Perpetua's journey with cancer, is importance of family.  Throughout the journey, the one thing that stayed stable was that we faced it together as a family.  Perpetua knew she was not alone on this journey, and we took each step together.  Perpetua's suffereings were the whole family's sufferings and her accomplishments and milestones were shared by the whole family as well.  When Perpetua couldn't be around friends, it strengthened the bond and the friendship of her siblings.  

Our family loves being involved with Children's Cancer Connection.  We attend family camp together, and the kids go to day camp during the summer.  The kids all love coming to play at the Hansen Home for Hope as well.  We feel like we are coming to visit family."  -Angel (Perpetua's Mom) 



" It's a place to see people that understand what I'm going through and I know what they are going through.  Other people don't know what I am going through, but my camp friends do understand."  - Isabella (CHC Camper)