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Hospital-based services

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  • My Journey Book

    A family resource binder is given to each family at the time of diagnosis. The binder serves as a place to organize and keep information and all things important along the childhood cancer journey. Each family has the opportunity to personalize the content with each new treatment phase.

  • Beads4Bravery

    A child's cancer treatment includes countless medical procedures and experiences. The Beads4Bravery program is a way for children to collect beads that symbolize each step of their cancer journey. Each child ends up with string of beads that tells their own unique story.

  • Courage Store

    Children feel empowered by earning Bravery Bucks for the parts of their treatment that cause the most distress. Bravery Bucks are then redeemed through the Courage Store that is packed with prizes and incentives to keep kids motivated and feeling strong and brave.

  • Volunteers

    Volunteers are educated and specially trained in working with and understanding children in a medical setting. Your child will have fun playing a game, reading a books, or creating art projects during a clinic visit or hospital stay.

  • End of Treatment Celebrations

    Celebrating the end of your cancer treatment milestone is a powerful and meaningful experience. We’ll help you recognize this milestone with a personalized certificate and treat.

For information about hospital-based services, please contact us at or 515-243-6239.


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