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  • Family resource kits

    Hearing the words “your child has cancer” is the beginning of a new journey. Children’s Cancer Connection is here for you from the beginning of diagnosis. We offer every newly diagnosed child at Blank Children’s Hospital and The University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital a resource kit called My Journey Book. It includes medical terminology, finance and insurance information, a place to keep medical stats — from labs and medicines to vitals and chemotherapy — and more. To request My Journey Book if you live outside of our designated region, please email

  • Beads4Bravery

    This program allows children to feel some control in their childhood cancer journey. With every procedure, surgery, treatment and milestone they have, we provide a bead that symbolizes that part of their journey. Collecting beads becomes a point of pride with the kids, and gives them a tangible goal to attain.

  • Courage Store and Bravery Bucks

    Childhood cancer is something that no child should ever have to go through, but they consistently show us how brave they really are. The Courage Store allows children to earn Bravery Bucks for procedures, treatments, medicines, etc. that they find unpleasant. When a child completes a difficult task, they cash in their bucks for a reward they really want, like a favorite toy, game or gift card.

  • Arts and crafts

    Children’s Cancer Connection staff and volunteers that are placed in the clinic or hospital setting have been specially trained in working with and understanding children in a medical setting. At both Blank Children’s Hospital or University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital, children will have fun playing a game, reading books, or creating art projects during a clinic visit or hospital stay

  • Off-to-transplant parties

    Children’s Cancer Connection recognizes the milestones of childhood cancer treatments. In some cases, children need a bone marrow or stem-cell transplant. So we throw a party to celebrate and encourage them through another part of their journey.

  • End-of-treatment parties

    Celebrating the end of your cancer treatment milestone is a powerful and meaningful experience. We’ll help you celebrate with a personalized treat brought to you at a clinic or hospital stay.

For information about hospital-based services, please contact us at or 515-243-6239.


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